About Us

What is Midwifery?

Midwife literally means “with woman.” The care provided by midwives reflects a deep understanding of the needs of pregnant women and newborns, and the intricate healthy processes of pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

Midwives are the main caregivers to childbearing women worldwide. Registered Midwives are recognized in the medical community as experts in promoting health for both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Our services are free to BC residents who hold a valid CareCard through the BC Medical Services Plan.

By choosing a midwife, you will have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with known caregivers who help you monitor your progress through the childbearing years. You will have access to the most current science-based options for care, as well as the oldest and most effective methods of supporting you as your family grows. We provide personalized, one-to-one visits and offer choices, resources and guidance for women to make informed decisions about their care.

Who are we?

We are a small practice of Registered Midwives with many years of experience caring for women and families from conception to birth and beyond. We care for women and families from many ages, situations, and communities. We usually attend four to six births a month and are on call for our clients 24 hours a day. All of us also have teaching roles in the midwifery and medical programs at UBC.

Our midwives are a diverse group of women who love being “with women” and working closely with each other. We offer our services in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew. Through our work in Canada, Central America, Africa, India, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, we learned much about how culture and environment interact with birth and families.

Prenatal care

During the hour-long prenatal appointments, we devote our attention to your priorities. Our midwives offer lengthy visits to ensure enough time to address your physical and emotional needs, sexuality, sibling and family issues, parenting concerns, and labour and postpartum preparation. Women are supported in their desire to understand their bodies and encouraged to actively participate in their own health care. Methods to promote health and complementary therapy options are made available for all clients.

At each visit, we monitor maternal and fetal well-being using the same tools and physical exams that an obstetrician, family physician or nurse practitioner employs. While our focus is a preventative, low intervention approach, all standard procedures and screening tests are available through our practice. A midwife's scope of practice includes the use of many medications that may be indicated in pregnancy, birth, or the postpartum; these include medicines used during emergency situations, pain medications, as well as common prescriptions for both mother and baby.

We meet with you every month until you are 28 weeks pregnant, then once every two weeks up to 36 weeks, and then weekly until you have your baby. Family, children, and friends are welcome to join you at prenatal visits.

Labour and birth

We believe that the environment plays a crucial role in having a safe and rich experience during labour and birth. Throughout your pregnancy, we will provide you with evidence-based information regarding the safety, risks and benefits of home and hospital birth. We are pleased to offer you the choice of a planned home birth or a hospital birth at St. Paul’s, BC Women’s or Richmond Hospital, either way with the guidance and constant supervision and support of an experienced, compassionate midwife.

Our collective experience includes expertise in a variety of techniques to promote comfort and progress of labour, as we carefully monitor baby and mother in the least invasive way possible.

We always have at least two midwives at a planned home birth, both experienced in obstetric care and certified in neonatal resuscitation. We carry oxygen, neonatal resuscitation equipment, IV fluids and supplies, medications for postpartum use, suture and local anesthetics, and various other sterile and non-sterile supplies. Should the situation indicate a need for additional equipment or personnel, we will arrange for transfer into hospital. At least one of our midwives will be in constant attendance once progressive labour is established, regardless of birth site or the need for physician collaboration.

Postpartum care

Once your baby is born, we provide frequent home visits in the first week to help you to stay home and rest with your newborn. We will continue to provide care to you and your baby through the first 6-8 weeks postpartum. When your midwifery care is completed you will be referred to a physician or nurse-practitioner for ongoing well-baby and well-woman care. If you do not already have a primary care provider, we are able to refer you to one.

Our routine postpartum care includes maternal and newborn physical exams, breastfeeding support, parenting education, psychosocial support, vaccination and contraceptive counselling. Family and friends are welcome to participate in all aspects of your care. We remain on call for you and your baby throughout this time.

A Teaching Practice

Like most other midwifery practices in BC, we provide a clinical learning environment for student midwives and other health disciplines. Clinical faculty are the bedrock of the teaching and research efforts at the Division of Midwifery at UBC. The faculty midwives play an important role in educating new midwife practitioners, and conducting research on the promotion of health for mothers and babies.

Extensive clinical practice is an important component of the midwifery students' curriculum. The students complete a sequence of courses and clinical placements that develops their knowledge and skills in the areas of prenatal, labour and birth, and postpartum and newborn care. Midwifery students are required to work in a relationship with a woman and her family using evidenced-based approaches as well as informed choice and decision-making as a foundation for mutual trust and respect.

Women may choose to participate in teaching our students and can invite their assigned student to participate in office visits and/or home visits. If you have any questions about how students will be involved in your care, please discuss this with your midwives.

Our office

Our office is a warm space created to welcome and nurture women, babies, children, family and friends. Once comfortably settled, feel free to browse our extensive lending library of books and videos.

We are located on campus at UBC, within the UBC Health Clinic. The Clinic was conceived to create an innovative clinic model of inter-professional health care. Family physicians, midwives, a pharmacist, a physiotherapist, a pediatrician, a psychologist, and psychiatrist collaborate to provide full service care to a diverse community of patients. They also serve as mentors and teachers for health professional learners. Family practice residents, nurse practitioner trainees, and midwifery students are among those at the Clinic who gain experience with holistic, personalized health care and inter-professional practice.

Since we are on campus at UBC, we are accessible by many bus lines and there is parking adjacent to our office and on the nearby streets. For the exact address and a map to our office, visit the Contact Us page.